Words from a Grieving Woman

To say that she has touched my life is an understatement.  When I heard she died, I didn’t believe it.  “This can’t be right.  She’s only 36 years old.  She’s so young.  I just talked to her.  What the fuck!!”  But the harsh and painful reality is that she left this world and she did it unexpectedly and without warning.  She left me and she left many other people behind who love her in ways words cannot really express.  There’s an emptiness inside me that I know will never be filled again.  You see, this woman was not just anyone.  She was a truly special person.  She affected so many people around her with her positive energy, smile, laughter, and joy.  Her spirit-her aura-her simple presence could change even the most depressed person into someone more happier by simply just being with her.  21 years of friendship filled with laughter, tears, joy, fun and precious memories ended way too soon just a few days ago.  Yes, it’s true that life moves on.  But my life will never be quite the same again.  Despite my faults, she accepted me completely without any judgement.  Her funeral is next week.  I’m just not ready to say good-bye yet.  If only I had just one minute to be with her while she was still alive…


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