This purpose of this website is to provide education, tools, and resources around different topics on mental health, emotional wellness, and social justice.  I started this website to reach more people who are affected by mental health or need extra support in boosting their emotional wellness.  According to the World Health Organization, 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression.  That statistic alone just covers depression and not other mental health disorders or other difficult life situations.

The education provided on this website is not only useful for those affected by mental illness, but also for clinical professionals, working in mental health or the healthcare system.  I believe in the importance of sharing knowledge and educating other professionals, so they can utilize applicable knowledge in their professional settings.  Whether you are a mental health professional new to the field or a healthcare professional in need of guidance working with patients affected by mental illness, the education and services I provide can be useful.



I am a licensed clinical social worker with over 10 years of professional work experience, helping people from different backgrounds, who find themselves in difficult situations, and need the extra help and support to get them through rough times.  Other people I have helped have been diagnosed with some form of depression or anxiety.  Most of my work experience has been direct and in-person contact with clients, providing assistance to them for their personal struggles.  In the last several years, I’ve also extended my role to providing psycho-social consultation to healthcare and mental health professionals.



My Credentials:

  • Masters Degree in Social Work (with an emphasis on Mental Health) from San Jose State University in San Jose, CA
  • LCSW (License in Clinical Social Work) in the State of California – License Number: LCSW 69915 (Regulated by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences)



Common examples of people I have worked with and helped in the past:

  • Coaching parenting skills, as well as self-care strategies, to a woman in her late 20’s, who has high stress levels, caring for her 3 young children


  • Linking support services to a grandmother, who recently adopted her young grandson because her adult daughter is unable to care for the child anymore


  • Providing individual play therapy to an 8 year-old boy with moderate to high levels of anxiety


  • Helping a man in his 50’s manage his stress levels and explore his options, as he has multiple roles in his life, including working a full-time job, caring for his teenage daughter, being a husband, and caring for his elderly mother at home